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    I feel like I've mastered the skill of flexible dieting and estimating. I enjoyed foods I would prefer even if I wasn't in fat loss. I was able to practice moderation and enjoy my vacation without gaining weight like I have in the past.

    Christina A

    Company Name : Christina A
    Designation : Scottsdale, AZ

    I'm currently 130 lbs down from 153 6 months ago. My hips are down 5", my waist 4". If you have fitness goals, having a coach to support you is worth its weight in gold.

    Kerri J

    Company Name : Kerri J
    Designation : Chandler, AZ

    In the last 60 days, I lost more than 11% of my body weight. I gained great habits, energy, confidence, happiness, pride and so much more. Life changing, I swear to you.


    Company Name : Danica
    Designation : Chandler, AZ

    Karey helped me fulfill my goal of winning my very first bikini competition! I trusted her 100% as she came highly recommended, so I never strayed from the nutrition plan she wrote for me! I took home 1st place


    Company Name : Emily
    Designation : Mesa, AZ

    Because of Eric, I have never been healthier and love encouraging others to make their lifestyle change, not go on another diet. With Eric as your trainer, motivation and determination you can make this positive lifestyle change, too!


    Company Name : Bianca
    Designation : Chandler, AZ

    Karey’s knowledge and experience speak volumes, but her passion and personality is quite literally the icing on the cake! Working with Karey has made me stronger, smarter and sexier!


    Company Name : Kira
    Designation : San Francisco, CA