Top 10 Habits of Successful Clients

There are similar characteristics and behaviors seen among my most successful clients, and I wanted to share the information with you since I want everyone to succeed! Here are the top 10 behaviors seen in successful clients:

1. They have reasonable expectations

They understand the truth about body fat loss.  They know the process of weight gain did not happen overnight and know that weight loss will not be different.  They have an understanding of the deficit needed to lose one pound (3500 calories), and they know that cutting too many calories will result in loss of lean tissue.  They know that having muscle mass increases their metabolism and they prefer to go slow and steady knowing when the weight comes off, it will stay off.

2.  They have a good relationship with the scale

They do not get emotional if the scale doesn’t reflect the effort they put in that week.  They know it does not have to do with not losing body fat and they shake off the odd scale reading and continue on their way knowing that they have no reason to worry.  They know there is minimal information to be given on the scale and it does not provide the complete picture of what is happening in their bodies.  They also have a goal “look” and not a goal weight.

3.  They get back to their routine immediately if they have a day that is off track

If they get off track, they wrap it up and immediately get back to their routine.  One day doesn’t turn into a week, or a month, or 6 months.  They know they aren’t perfect and do not expect that from themselves.  They handle those not so perfect moments with grace.

4.  They are patient

My most successful clients know that results won’t happen overnight and they are ok with that.  They know they will not be able to completely overhaul all of their previous habits in a few weeks that have taken years to form.  They are especially patient with learning how to track macronutrients, learning the compositions of foods, and learning how to use their tracking application.  They don’t let little things get them worked up.

5.  They problem solve roadblocks in their fitness endeavor and are creative with solutions to make things work

Clients that make it to their goals are flexible with their methods.  If they usually train at a certain time, and something comes up causing a schedule change, they don’t just give up on the training; they find a new time to train.  They never say “I can’t” or “it is impossible.”  Being flexible with how they get from point A to point B allows for a greater likely hood that they will get there.

6.  They refuse to give up

I’ll see things going so well for a client, but then something will happen.  They will get injured, sick, a family member becomes ill- a major life event happens.  They get thrown off course a bit, but they refuse to give up.  Even if they halt trying to lose body fat and shift into maintenance, they take a “time out” and come back to their goals after they have dealt with whatever obstacle life has thrown their way.  Nothing can cause them to give up on their goal completely. Therefore they never fail.

7.  They plan their day in advance and meal prep for the week

Successful clients know that it takes planning and work to achieve their goals.  They don’t think they can just wing it and lose weight.  They know they have to eat to lose weight as well, so they follow their plan, and they don’t skip meals.  They don’t take any shortcuts for a quick reward that may not last.  They know if they do it right the first time, they won’t have to do it over.

8.  They have fun with their training plan

My clients with the best adherence choose an activity that they enjoy for their training plan.  If they hate something, they don’t do it.  They know there is something out there for everyone- so they find what they enjoy, and they do more of it.

9.  They have positive attitudes and a sense of humor

They never have a defeated attitude.  They minimize complaints and try to see the glass as half full.  They are grateful and value joy in their hearts.  They know that physical transformation is good, but value nonphysical transformations more.

10.   They focus on small victories along the path to their long term goal

Successful clients focus on how they feel just as much, if not more, than how they look.  Just because they don’t have a six-pack doesn’t mean they are reaping some serious benefits from training and eating well.  They remember to acknowledge better sleep, more energy, and greater overall health because they know all of these things are improving their quality of life.

I can assure you that if you adopt these ten habits, you will be successful in your weight loss goals (barring a medical condition of course).  And you might even actually enjoy yourself along the way.