Make These 5 Changes For Success

Many of us rely on motivation to reach our goals.  It is hard to rely on motivation as it fluctuates. Relying on habits is a better choice. Don’t wait for motivation to strike- cultivate habits. These five habits, in particular, will automate decisions regarding healthy eating choices, how to enjoy/ savor each bite, and get you moving.


Portion control

Plate sizes are huge! Getting a grasp on portion sizes with either a food scale or simple comparison tools will ensure you are on point with your calorie amounts.


Comparable Serving Sizes

Protein is the size of your palm for one 4 oz serving.

Dietary fat like oil, butter, or nut butter is the size of your thumb.

A cup size serving of carbohydrate is the size of your fist.

Almonds or other nuts can be counted individually.  15 almonds are roughly 100 calories and 10 grams of fat.


Focus on greens and fruit! Prioritizing your veggie and fruit intake will keep you feeling full and make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.


Mindful eating

It takes approximately 20 minutes for our brain to register fullness. Take your time when you are eating to allow your stomach to communicate fullness with your brain. Creating the habit of putting your fork down between bites of food, chewing slowly, and taking small bites will allow you to recognize the feeling of being full.


Planning meals in advance

Having a plan for the week sets you up for success.  “Fail to plan and plan to fail” is an old saying that I have found true many times.  Decide on your menu for the week on Sunday. Hit up the grocery store for only the needed ingredients. Never shop hungry and practice sticking to your list.  If you struggle with this, consider the quick shop option at Walmart where you order your items online and simply pick them up curbside.


Prepare your meals in advance all at once. (check out my blog Meal Prep 101 if you need more help) Having wholesome options for protein, veggies, fats, and carbs on hand will keep you from fast food runs or a dinner that consists of a meal out of the vending machine.


Checks and balances on nutrition

I utilize this daily. If I want to have a few ounces of wine at a gathering, I will pass on dessert. Choose one treat. If I have a very rich side dish like lobster mac and cheese, I’ll have steamed seafood as my main. Using checks and balances similar to these examples will help you maintain your weight loss AND your sanity.


Daily activity

Create a habit of movement each day. Pick a time and schedule it in- officially- on your calendar. Force it at first. Soon, your day won’t feel complete until you have gotten your activity in for the day. You’ll be able to fall back on this habit- the automation of getting a sweat on- to stay healthy and active for years to come.


Motivation comes and goes but habits last. If you fall off track, focus on setting these five habits in place again. Don’t wait for motivation to strike.  Start with the doing and the motivation will follow.