About Us

Why, hello! Karey here. I grew up in a household that prioritized movement and wholesome foods.  My mother was a nurse and my father a school teacher.  Both of my parents were childhood athletes; my father a college wrestler. I learned from example and quickly followed in their footsteps.  My parents also had a “no food off limits” policy, allowed me to make my own food choices and encouraged playing outside verse hours of TV time.

In high-school, I was active in soccer, track, and basketball- similar to my parents- and continued on to pursue and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Nursing to strive to care for others in a similar way as my mom.

After the birth of my son, I returned to fitness.  Longing for a sport to enjoy in adulthood, I joined the competitive world of bodybuilding. After multiple years of restrictive dieting, I won my IFBB Pro Card in Bikini but not without losing my once healthy relationship with food. Battling disordered eating, I vowed to find a better way.  Using the principles of flexible dieting, I rehabbed my food relationships and stifled binge eating.

I returned to work full time when my son entered kindergarten as a school nurse while completing my certifications in personal training and fitness nutrition (CISSN). Working closely with families on wellness, exercise, stress management, and nutrition- coupled with my personal history of disordered eating- I realized my calling. Eric and I created Northington Fitness and Nutrition to help people all over the world live their highest quality of life, gain insane amounts of self-confidence, and reap the endless benefits of nutrition in a healthy, sustainable way without restriction.  We focus on both the mind and the body; “where the mind goes, the body will follow”.

Eric leads the way providing in-person training at our private studio with one on one training, semi-private training, the Gilbert GLUTE SQUAD, and group HIIT classes.  I provide nutrition and training through online programming. We have a team of overly qualified, certified, and caring coaches.  Together, we relish in the fact that we are living our dream of helping people from the inside out.

We pride ourselves on continuing education through attending seminars, reviewing current research, and amounting CEUs.  Our primary focus is you, your health, and how we can meet your needs to help you reach your goal.

In November of 2017, we brought a healthy eating option to Gilbert, AZ.  ProteinHouse Gilbert is located at 3097 E Pecos Rd, Suite 106, Gilbert. You can also watch Eric (well, all of us- Nolan, too!) on Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit Season 2 where he gained 50 pounds in 19 weeks to lose the extra weight with his client (and dear friend) Lori Stryker.  Lori transforms and loses over 70 pounds while Eric completes the journey in superior condition to his beginning physique. Their adventure is indescribable and not to be missed. You can watch this on Lifetime, the Lifetime application, or on Amazon Video.

Thank you for your interest and we are ecstatic at the possibility of working together in the future!

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