Change Your Reality

Since I started using The Five Minute Journal, I realized how much I am in control of how my day unfolds. It is so easy to feel powerless and to feel like things happen to you; that you are a victim. Of course, things do happen that are out of our control but it is amazing how being aware of our thoughts can change our perception of reality.

For example, The Five Minute Journal asks me to begin my day listing three things for which I am grateful. I used to do this without the journal. I would wake up, and as I crawled out of bed, I would say something I was grateful for with each step. Waking up with gratitude helps me to focus on what I have, and not what I am lacking. Starting the day off this way caused me to appreciate other things during the next 24 hours that I may have looked past if I woke up “on the wrong side of the bed”.

When you are in a negative state, and you feel powerless, you aren’t a problem solver and obstacles feel insurmountable. “I’ll be stuck in this job unhappy forever.” Well, why? Is there a way to solve this issue? What steps can you take to create a reality you love?

If you don’t feel as though you can control your future, you are less likely to take action to make changes. You’ll feel as though all your efforts will be for not and you are doomed to remain _____ forever. (You can fill in the blank with whatever adjective you feel suits your current situation if it is less than desirable). Your fate is in your hands.

Story Time x 2

I used to hate my legs. I was very skinny and felt boyish. Typically, I would just whine about it. I’d obsess over it. I would enviously look at other women and wish I looked that way. I wanted some shape, and according to me, I was given a genetic death sentence when it came to feminine curves.

One day, someone very close to me made a negative comment about my legs. A switch flipped. I decided TO DO something about it. If I didn’t like it, I was going to change it as much as I could. And what I couldn’t change, THEN I would accept. This complaining, self-loathing, and constant cloud of negative energy was really for the birds. It was bringing me down. I thought about what I didn’t like about myself way too much when I could be thinking about how wonderful my life is and enjoying my days.

I focused on eating for my goals and training. I started making my health a priority and also just “being”. Being happy, being content. Refusing to compare. Meditating. My lower body changed (slowly), and while I was working on changing what I could change, I also stopped the negative self-talk.

After Nolan had gone to Kindergarten, I went back to work full time. I was a school nurse (still sub- I do love it) full time, behind a desk. I am not a desk person. I was unhappy missing Nolan’s school functions during my workday, and I was miserable at a desk. I decided, against everyone else’s opinion, to begin my own business. My husband was supportive (naturally, since he is my business partner) and I slowly started to believe in myself. “Change what I can”. Now, I do not work at a desk, still sub, and have created my reality. I could have remained at my desk job complaining for years to come.

Think about how much negative energy we can accidentally put out in the universe if we aren’t careful. That energy can be used to transform your reality. It is just sitting there, waiting for you to scoop it up, decide it won’t be spent that way, and transfer it to better your life.

Realize you are powerful, not powerless. You are in control. You can change your life. Be a problem solver. If something is making you miserable, consider how you can change it. There is always a way. Make a conscious decision to do what it takes. Don’t make excuses, don’t talk down to yourself, be aware of your self-sabotage.

What if I told you that you could have anything you want in life? I honestly believe you can; now you need to believe you can, too.