Cleaning Your Competition Bikini

With the Felicia Romero Classic upon us in Mesa, AZ this weekend, I reached out to my resident suit expert and close friend Amanda Freick of Amanda Louise Swimwear to give you the tips you need to keep your suit stage ready for shows to come.  

Cleaning Your Competition Bikini

by Amanda Freick

You’ve made the investment to purchase a gorgeous bikini for your competition, and you want to take care of it. But how??

Taking proper care of your suit can make it last longer and shine brighter as you continue to step on stage in that beautiful bikini. I’ve tried all sorts of products and methods so I could make sure my clients were using the best way possible. First, let’s talk about what NOT to do…

  • Do NOT dry clean your suit. This is the first method that a lot of ladies think of. The chemicals and heat used in most dry cleaning processes are TERRIBLE for your suit!
  • Do NOT put it in the washing machine. Hopefully this is obvious, but that suit is fragile, and a spin cycle is… well… not so much.
  • Do NOT let your suit stay dirty! It is vitally important to wash your suit RIGHT AWAY after your show. The products used on show day are can leave a lasting negative effect in regards to color and odor. (aka gross)

Ok, I’m done being negative. Let’s talk about how you SHOULD take care of your suit!

The easiest process I’ve found is this:

  • Pack a soft toothbrush and a gentle detergent (like Woolite) in your overnight bag for your competition. Staying at home? Just make sure you have it on hand.
  • Immediately after your show (if a 2-day show… when you’re completely done) you’re going to shower off that crazy tan, right? Well, your body is not the only thing covered in that oompa loompa mixture… your suit needs a shower too! So, when you jump in the shower, take your suit, that toothbrush, and the woolite with you.
  • First, just rinse the suit with water. You’ll be amazed at how much tan will come off.
  • Next, if there’s extra gunk on the inside of the suit (bikini adhesives, excessive tanning product, whatever) use a little woolite on that soft toothbrush and give the area a gentle scrub. SUPER IMPORTANT: NEVER EVER use the toothbrush on the outside of your suit! The metallic of the fabric will literally RUB OFF.
  • Finally, give the suit a really good last rinse. Use your fingers to rub the connectors if there’s extra tan hanging on… and don’t forget the straps!
  • You can lay your suit between two towels (ore one big one folded over) and apply light pressure to get the bulk of the moisture out. If you’re in a hotel, do NOT use their towels to do this! Chances are there might be some tan left that wasn’t completely rinsed out and you’ll be ruining those towels pretty darn quick. I always bring an old beach towel to shower with, and after I dry myself I use it for this step in the suit cleaning process.
  • After that, hang it up to dry.

Once the suit is dry, if you notice that the crystals seem a little dull, they might have hard water, soap, or tanning residue still on them. I use a damp cloth or paper towel to simply polish those little stones right up until the sparkle like they’re brand new.

That’s it!

Nothing too fancy… just make sure that cleaning your suit is a priority after your show and that sparkly bikini will last you as long as you plan on stepping on that stage!

NOTE – Lighter color bikinis can be easily ruined by tanning products. We always recommend staying away from white especially unless you plan on only wearing it once.

You can reach Amanda for a consult regarding suit selection or jump in on her SHINE All Year deal to collect your trophies in multiple looks at a steal in 2017!