Client Spotlight: Alisa

Alisa is a busy mom of two (ages 2 and 5) who decided to make a lifestyle change.  She quickly adapted to counting macros and never felt deprived on her program. Alisa was given a custom training program each month that tailored to her home gym equipment on the days she trained at home as well as the gym she attends two days per week. The time between these photos is 6 months.

Alisa never missed a check-in and when she fell off- plan, she shook it off with a positive attitude, gave herself grace, and jumped back on track.

Not only does she have a new physique, she is also able to use her added strength and cardiovascular endurance to ride quads with her husband; their favorite activity!

It is difficult to prioritize self-care as a mom! Alisa is glad she made the changes necessary to do that for herself.  She is also loving setting a positive example for her family.

Great work, Alisa! We are so proud of you!