Meet Coach Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica Brennan, I’m a law enforcement wife, mother of two elementary school age girls, online fitness, and nutrition coach, hairstylist, and makeup artist. Like so many of women nowadays I hold many jobs/responsibilities. Growing up, I was active in sports and was always considered to be the “stocky” athletic tomboy. I played competitive softball year-round and scholastically, as well as high school volleyball. I remember I loved being a part of a close team and the competitive atmosphere that team sports provided.

At 25 years old I found myself as a housewife with absolutely no goals in life. I had this overwhelming “lost” feeling. Waking up at noon, no income, reading books and laying out by the pool all day. I had absolutely no drive, no passion, no sense of purpose. A year later I was a brand-new mother of a beautiful baby girl. Since I had nothing else going on that became my whole identity. Less than two years later, I had another beautiful baby girl. Taking care of two babies is very all-consuming; I admit I let it consume me. But in the back of my mind, I still had that “lost” feeling. I was unfulfilled. I remember telling my husband that I didn’t feel like I was even a person anymore. I was just a Mom.

My turning point

My then 3.5-year-old daughter was suddenly stricken with a severe illness. She was extremely lethargic and kept complaining about her “tummy hurts.” We took her to the pediatrician where they ruled out strep and advised us to go to Urgent Care. Urgent Care took x-rays, gave her IV fluids and told us that she was constipated. We went home that day upset, and I had that “mother’s intuition” that they were wrong. I knew there was something else causing these symptoms. We went to the emergency room two days later and immediately admitted. For nine days the hospital team could not figure out what was wrong. We were in the ICU meeting with specialist after specialist. My husband and I met with the Neurosurgeon team; they had told us that my daughter had an inoperable brain tumor and we should be preparing for the worst. The Oncology team then came in and said they had “great” news; my daughter had Leukemia. They wanted to start chemotherapy immediately. We met the ENT (ear nose throat) specialist later that day, yes, all these meetings were in one day. The head ENT surgeon said that he would like to do exploratory surgery to see what he thought was a massive infection at the base of her brain near her spine. This procedure would be invasive and had very severe consequences such as loss of eyesight, facial paralysis and damage to her frontal lobe. My husband and I only had a few hours to decide which route to take. We decided to do a scope through her sinus cavity to see if they could get a better idea of what the problem was. When the ENT performed the scope, he found a massive sinus infection near the back of her brain that had leaked into her spinal fluid and caused Meningitis. After a total of 28 days in the hospital, she was released.
This experience to say the least was life-changing. My husband and I vowed never to take the health of our family or ourselves for granted ever again.

My transformation

After having children, I never really reclaimed my athletic physique. I was overweight and overtired all the time. I tried every diet under the sun; you name I have done it. It was like I continuously lost and regained the same 10-20lbs for years and years. After the health scare of my daughter, I knew something had to change. I started eating better, more whole foods and making sure I was fueling my body with the appropriate nutrition. I lost 20lbs over about six months. I was still too embarrassed to work out in a regular gym setting. A friend of mine invited me to try a workout with her at a local group fitness studio. I was hooked! Another year went by, and I was ready to take my fitness game to the next level. I contacted Karey Northington to help me prepare for a fitness bikini competition. Since working with Karey, I honed in my passion for all things fitness and nutrition. I have earned a certificate in sports nutrition as well as personal training. I have lost over 50lbs and have maintained my weight loss for four years. I love the stage and continue to compete.

My inspiration

Seeing someone’s life impacted, even in the smallest way, has been a part that keeps me going on even on the most challenging days. I am inspired by my husband who is a Type 1 diabetic continues not to let that slow him down in his career or hobbies. He has always kept his health and fitness a priority. He keeps me motivated by his love and unending support for all I am perusing.

What keeps me going

Seeing people that I work with change the way they feel and positively see themselves is extremely rewarding. I want to show other mothers and women that taking care of yourself is not a selfish act. It is vital to the wellbeing of your family and self. I also want to show my two girls that they can be in charge of their own life, and can do anything with the right attitude, hard work, and passion. This inspires me to do my best. I want them to know that you don’t always have to be perfect and I don’t strive to be but to know that if you fall you get back up and try again.

The end goal

My passion for helping others reach their own potential has no end goal. I guess I can’t see an “end” to this lifestyle. I consider myself a success with each client referral when I get messages from current clients telling me of their victories, and especially when my clients keep their hard-earned results long term.