Staying Educated in the Fitness Industry

Fitness businesses have amounted, especially in the online space. Various opinions claim that credentials are dead and all that is needed is a keen business sense to succeed. I beg to differ. The success of Northington Fitness and Nutrition is directly correlated with the product we provide, and that product is linked to the education we as fitness professionals gain before and- arguably more importantly- during our time in the field.

Here are a few benefits of continuing education as a coach:

You will feel more confident in what you provide

When you are confident in your knowledge, that confidence radiates to not only your current clients but potential clients as well. Confidence is a fantastic marketing tool in itself. Knowledge and experience let you stand a little taller as a fitness coach.

Your clients will be receiving current and accurate information

Staying current in your field allows you to grow as a fitness professional. You’ll be able to adjust your methods, acquire new strategies, and customize programs with up to date information verse relying solely on experience. When you back up anecdotal evidence in practice with confirmed research results, you’ll be a better coach.

When you know better, you do better

Let’s face it- the field changes, and it changes fast. For example, we now know that there is not a metabolic advantage to fasted cardio. We can let our clients choose when they would prefer to complete their session instead of advising a pre-breakfast stint. When we know better, we can do better.

You’ll show respect for your field

I have the utmost respect for those pioneering and leading the way with research in strength training and nutrition as well as nursing. In my opinion, the least I can do if I am practicing is to soak in the knowledge available to do my part of progressing these areas to the greatest degree possible. If we do not utilize the knowledge available to us, it’s a disservice to the field.

Where to start?

I cannot say enough about the conferences held by the ISSN and the NSCA. They are overflowing with the best in the fitness industry revealing their research and open to questions about their specific studies. After each speaker presents, you can also find them roaming the conference taking the time to have one on one conversations with attendees.

You can also read the latest journal articles on PubMed.  Papers are shared and open to view in Research Gate as well. If you have trouble digesting information through PubMed and Research Gate, research reviews are also available.

The time spent continuing to educate yourself as a fitness coach provides returns in dividends.  I have yet to meet someone who regretted learning- even without a business correlation. Carving out time each week to peruse credited sources will skyrocket your confidence and enhance the value of the products you offer.