5 Easy Ways to Up Your Protein Intake

How do you eat so much protein?!

I can’t tell you how often I have heard that question.

The most common issue I notice when reviewing a new client’s current diet is the lack of protein.  I was one of those people as well.  I thought I was eating TONS of protein and it would total less than 50 grams per day.  After some time, finding quick and easy ways to get your protein in, and gradual increases, you’ll see you are able to consume the amount of protein that you once thought impossible.

Top 5 Fast and Easy Ways to Hit your Protein Target 

1. Whey/ Plant based protein powder

I can’t emphasize enough how convenient it is to have a tub of protein powder on hand for those instances when you are on the go and need a fast and easy protein source.

Some of my favorite ways to use protein powder besides a shake:

Mix protein powder in oatmeal

Mix protein powder in greek yogurt

Add protein powder to pancake mix

Make protein donuts (don’t know how? Sign up and get my free low carb recipe book)

Make overnight oats

My brand of choice is Metabolic Nutrition.  You can save 20 percent at check out with code Karey.  I die for the Peanut Butter Cookie Protizyme.  I have been using it for over 4 years. 

2. High Quality Deli Meats 

I like to get low sodium and nitrate free deli meats.  Having a pound of high quality meat in the refrigerator is a sure fire way to sneak in extra protein if you are pressed for time.

Ways to use deli meat

Sauté it and have with eggs

Mix it into an omelet

Use for a healthy “lunchable”- I love adding ham to rosemary parmesan crackers from Sprouts and spreading a little laughing cow cheese on top

Eat it straight out of the bag!

3. Beef Jerky/ Turkey Jerky

Totally underrated.  This can go anywhere with you, is low carb and typically low fat, and can bail you out if you get hung up somewhere for hours past your meal time. A complete life saver if you go hog wild on your pantry when you come home hungry.

My favorite brands

Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and Spicy

Ostrim sticks- I love all of the flavors

Oregon Trail Jalapeño beef stick

4. Protein bars 

Extremely portable (unless they have chocolate coating and you live here in Arizona) and with such a very large variety to choose from there is something for everyone. Choose a bar with at least 20 grams of protein.  Some “protein bars” don’t have very much protein when you take a closer look.  You will want to keep an eye on the serving size and the carbohydrate amount in protein bars.  Some protein bars will have 2 servings listed for 1 package and the carbohydrate count can be high making them more of a meal replacement verse a snack.

My favorites

Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie and Muscle Brownie (2 servings in each package unless you purchase the 2 oz cookies)

Quest Nutrition- cookie dough, mint chocolate chunk, pumpkin spice

Pure Protein- dark chocolate coconut

Fit Crunch- peanut butter and cookie dough (there is a larger 88 gram bar as well as a 44 gram bar)

5. Dairy Products 

My favorites

Light String Cheese

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Fat Free Greek Yogurt

You can easily create a meal with 20 grams of protein in under 60 seconds if you are stocked up on a few of these.  Sometimes I’ll add Stevia flavored sweet drops to plain non fat greek yogurt to save on carbs and avoid the fruit flavored options. (then I’ll mix tiny dark chocolate chips in- what can I say diets are give and take ;))

Not all of your protein has to come from slaving over a hot stove.  You can mix in some of these easy go- to items to make your life much easier (and tastier!)

This is the beauty of flexible dieting, my friends.



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