The Secret to Fat Loss

The diet trends aren’t magic and here’s why:

I remember when I first began my fitness journey.  I would feverishly buy and search through magazine after magazine looking for the secret.  I wanted to see what every celebrity was eating and figure out the magic formula.  Clearly, someone knew something I didn’t since I saw smooth, cellulite free skin and taunt tummies everywhere I looked.  I was always small in size- 5’6” and roughly 115 pounds for the majority of my college/ young adult life- but was soft.  I wanted leg definition and the coveted six pack.  I wanted a firm booty.  I was training 7 days a week and eating only foods labeled “healthy”.  Less calories the better right? No carbs after seven of course.  Low fat and light errrthing.

I finally have found the answer I was searching for and it was not what I expected.  The answer is that there is no secret.  The reason some methods work for some and not others has to do with a few basic nutritional principles and I’m here to share the “not secret” secret with you.

Why cutting carbs at 6 pm (or 5 pm or 4 pm or whatever magic time pm you read) works:

When you cut out something that you have typically been eating in a day- regardless of the time- you lower your overall caloric intake likely causing weight loss.  If you stop eating at a time earlier than you previously have then you will lower your overall calories in a day which will likely result in fat loss (if you can stick to it).

Cutting out dairy/ sugar/ gluten/ candy/ carbs/ fats/ cereal/ etc etc etc

There is a rare possibility that you could have a gluten or lactose intolerance but should you not then there truly is no reason to cut out the entire food group or any food group.  If you choose to do so and find this magically works it is not related to the particular food itself but rather to the subsequent calories you slashed by cutting out dairy when you lived on greek yogurt, froyo, cheese, and more cheese.

This is the trend with cutting anything out- you ultimately lowered your total intake.

The magic foods do not exist.

The issue, as I talked about in my Facebook Live video about reverse dieting, is that when we cut whole food groups that we enjoy from our diet we are likely to lapse back, eat those foods again, and gain the weight (or more as explained in the video).

The solution: Finding a program you can stick with in the long-term that does not remove any of your favorite foods.  The solution is flexible dieting.  

With flexible dieting, you will learn how to incorporate the foods you love into a program.  It is a program of addition rather than subtraction and you would be amazed at the outcome when you have a mindset that no food is off limits.

Before you make a New Years Resolution to banish your favorite foods or jump on the latest diet fad, take this into consideration.  If you are open minded to adding foods in verse restricting them you will be well on your way to fat loss success and the results will stick around for the long haul.



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