Top 10 Last Minute Fitness Christmas Gifts

There are 9 days until Christmas and if you are anything like me then you have not finished Christmas shopping.  I’m here to make your life easier and give you my top picks for that fitness friend in your life! These items are great stocking stuffers and can be solid motivation to get moving and eating well.

1. Mini bands

I use these anywhere from 3 days per week to daily (when I’m closer to a shoot or show) and won’t leave home without them.  They are the perfect item for a home workout, hotel workout, or to finish off leg day in the gym.

Sets I love: Mark Bell’s Slingshot HipCircle, Flex Active, and Lisette Howard Fitness

2.  Wrist cuffs/ ankle cuffs

One of my staple exercises is the cable kick back. Unfortunately, most gyms do not have comfortable ankle attachments for their cable machines, if any.  Grab a pair of these and keep them in your gym bag.  Eric loves to train shoulders with the ankle cuffs as wrist cuffs especially rear delts flys and lateral raises.  Check out our instagrams for more details on those workouts.

Ones we use: My set from my B Force bands pack

3.  Barbell clips that don’t suck

I detest those clips that you have to fight with to get on and off the bar.  Eric and I carry our own Rogue clips in our bags so we don’t have to wrestle the typical clips at most gyms.

Ones we use: Rogue Fitness HG Collars

4.  Protein powder

It can be difficult to hit your protein goals without protein powder.  Protein powder is also great for calming a sweet tooth without blowing your macros.  Get a few sample packs of some tasty flavors. Do you already know which powder they use daily? Get a container of that for them and take the expense off their hands.

Ones we use: Max Muscle Pure Whey in all flavors but especially S’mores

5.  A gift card to a meal prep service

Do you know someone who is pressed for time and would love a week off of cooking meals? Giving a gift card to a meal prep service is a great way to let them kick their heels up and relax.

One we love: Midwestern Meats Fitness

6.  Resistance bands with handles

I absolutely love to train upper body with resistance bands.  Getting handles that have interchangable tubing is a great way to save space and adjust the tension with only one band.

7.  Hydroflask

I wondered what the hype was about these until I purchased one.  These bad boys keep your drink cold for HOURS- maybe days to be honest.  Mine successfully got me drinking unflavored water which, if you know me, says a lot.

Tip: If you get the large one you can purchase a holder that will fit in your car cup holder on Amazon

8.  Meal management lunch box

These are a necessity if you want to eat right during a busy workday.  Bring your food from home and keep it fresh in a meal management bag.  Choose from a variety of sizes to match the bag perfectly with the number of hours your loved one is away from their fridge.

Ones we love: Fitmark The Box code: FRIENDS15 for 15 percent off

9.  Deadlifting socks

Say goodbye to bruised and battered shins! These are great for someone who loves deadlifting but hates bloody shins (know anyone?) and with the cute varieties out now you can show just how well you know that special someone.

Ones we love: SoheeFit deadlifting socks

10.  Activity tracker

Don’t focus on only formal cardio in 2017 to shed body fat.  Pay attention to your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) or the calories you burn that aren’t related to your training sessions and see some serious results that way.  Track your steps and give yourself new step targets instead of increasing those minutes of formal cardio.

Ones we love:  We both use iWatches for the other fancy extras that make life easy- like seeing a missed call from Nolan’s school and being able to talk right into the watch!

I hope this list gave you a few ideas for last minute gift items- maybe even for yourself! Stuff stockings with the gift of fitness this year!