How To Build Muscle

We have talked a lot about fat loss, but along with the desire to lower body fat, there are more and more women hoping to build muscle and look “athletic” and “defined.”  They are lifting regularly and not seeing gains.  They don’t understand why.  I want to go through a few top reasons why your hard work isn’t paying off in the mirror.

Let me kick this off with a personal example of yours truly.  I had lifted for roughly 5 or 6 years before I caught on to these valuable tips.  I believed things like I’m not genetically capable of gaining muscle or that females are not able to have visible abs.  My lifting consisted of a strength/ weights class (mostly Les Mills Body Pump), and I would do cardio every single time I was at the gym.  I only took one day off per week (if that) and ate small meals every 3 hours (because it speeds your metabolism right?!- please note the sarcasm there).  When I started that regime, I was 115 lbs- skinny but soft.  When I ended this regime about six years later, I was 115 lbs- thin but soft.  Talk about frustrating! An hour or two every single day! Watching what I ate at every meal. Never having desserts after dinner and passing on pasta or the bread basket at the table and all I could do was maintain.  I ended up just chalking it up to genetics and being thankful I was at least maintaining rather than gaining body fat- at least my clothes still fit.

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