Check Your Inner Dialogue

Take the time to consider your daily thoughts, habits, and actions.  Change your thoughts, change your behaviors and change your life!

Finding the right style of eating for you is important, but not nearly as important as finding ways to adhere to the program. 

The number one barrier to success I see in my clients is related to the attitude they have about themselves and weight loss. The ones with a positive “can-do” attitude, who take scale changes lightly, and who focus on the good they are doing for their body from the inside weather the ups and down of fat loss and ultimately reach and maintain their goal weight.

What causes us to stray from our diet?

Lack of preparation

2. A belief system about ourselves

3. Rationalization

4. Forgetting the advantages (why we wanted to lose weight in the first place)

5. Hunger and cravings

These items do not remain separate from each other.  Hunger or cravings can lead to rationalization, and we forget why we started. One thing is common; an inner dialogue takes place before we move from our plan.  If we can focus on the thoughts we have before we stray, we can work to change them.  Changing your inner dialogue will take practice.  You formed some of these opinions about yourself, and your belief system, many years ago. The great news is that you can change them no matter how long you have had them.

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