Kiss Training Boredom Goodbye

5 Tips to Keep Things Fresh

Have you felt like you were punching the clock when you entered the gym? I know I have. The most common misconception of those in the fitness industry- especially IFBB pros- is that we wake up every day dying to hit the gym. We get bored, too. I will tell you this, though, we are good at mixing things up, so we show up, put up, and stick to it for the years it takes to achieve pro- level aesthetics. I’m here to let you in on the top tips for keeping things fresh in the gym when your feeling like your training program has flat-lined.

1. Do what you enjoy.

I am shocked at the number of people who participate in training methods they hate because they heard it gives amazing results. Even if the pilates reformer promises a fantastic core, it won’t do you any good in the long run if you dread going there. When you hate your workout and force it anyways, it is only a matter of time- likely a short time- until you throw in the towel.

Train in a way you prefer, even if it won’t get you from point A to point B the fastest. If you hate lifting weights and opt for bodyweight training, it’s better than not training at all. And way better than not enjoying the session.

2. Schedule rest days.

Fit is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t run yourself into the ground taking on two-a-days when you haven’t trained in years. That is a one-way ticket to burning out. Ease into things, and schedule your rest days. You might not always sense your body’s signals until it’s as loud as a bullhorn and you’re sidelined with a torn hammy.

3. Try circuit training.

Engaging your mind with a circuit of movements can spice things up in comparison to typical strength training where a set is performed, then a rest period, and repeat. Supersets are helpful, too. Bonus: Circuits and supersets are fantastic time savers!

4. Adjust the intensity.

Lately, in the fitness industry, the word is that HIIT is king and LISS sucks. I prefer to mix the two in general as well as take breaks from HIIT. HIIT is tough on your body. If you are feeling fried to the max with HIIT, lower your intensity. Focus on moving and feeling good. Read or listen to a podcast while you walk on a slight incline. Get outside and soak in the rays with a pleasant stroll. You don’t always have to be going pedal to the medal.

5. Think outside of the box.

Summer is coming! Is there a phenomenal hiking trail near you? A co–ed sports league? Paddleboarding? If the gym is feeling like a prison, it is time to take things to a new location. There are endless ways to get a workout in- even at home! Think Wii sports or dance to include the kids. Get a full workout at the park while your kiddos play. The bench is a step, sprints on the grass, the swing is like a TRX. Monkey bars are a fantastic upper body workout. A squat machine is undercover as the teeter-totter!

If boredom is the issue, these switch-ups will nip it in the bud. A new routine (and a new outfit, of course!) from time to time keeps your mind in the game. “By conquering your mind, you can conquer the world.”

Happy Training!