Lavash Nachos


Joseph’s Lavash Flatbread

Butter Spray

Seasoning of choice (Trader Joe’s Chili Lime or even cinnamon and stevia for dessert nachos!)

Fat-free refried beans

Ground bison

Tri-pepper and onion blend

Red enchilada sauce

Fat-free sour cream


Take your lavash, cut it into triangles with scissors. Spray the lavash triangles lightly with butter spray. Sprinkle seasoning of choice and place them in the Air Fryer at 370 degrees, for a few minutes (3-4) then check them. Shake the basket and see if they need more time based on desired crispness. Add whatever toppings you desire. Easy!


Will depend on your toppings and this recipe is able to be modified to exactly what would fit your day! Use less lavash for a low-carb day!

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