Making Simple Sexy Again

Dietary advice is becoming overly complex, making programs extremely difficult to stick to. I think it is about time we all start moving in the other direction and bring simple back.

Before you keep reading, here is who shouldn’t adhere to this advice:

  • You have a legit food sensitivity, medical condition or allergy that prevents you from safely consuming a certain food or foods

Here is who should adhere to this advice:

  •  You don’t thrive on complexity of programs and become frustrated with too many rules

There is no need to follow complex dietary advice to reach our goals.  The magic formula does not exist although many of us, myself included, wish it did.  We hang on advice telling us specifics like we should be eating exactly 20 grams of carbs per meal, or eating in the special window of time from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, or removing dairy, or removing gluten, or removing your Grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies but the truth is what matters most is the number of calories you eat per day.  After that, where those calories come from.  After that, meal timing and frequency then supplementation.

Let’s stop making complicated sexy and keep it simple in 10 steps:

  • Eat when you are hungry

  • Stop before you are completely full

  • Have 25- 40 grams of protein per meal

  • Eat your vegetables

  • Drink water

  • Sleep

  • Reduce stress

  • Keep your calories in check

  • Get moving doing something you love

  • Utilize positive self-talk and cultivate a positive mindset

This will work for all of us- barring a medical condition, of course.  Overthinking can diminish our finite supply of mental energy and willpower.  Simplifying your nutrition will free up your mental bandwidth for the million jobs we all have in this day and age. Save some room for your career, relationships, children, pets, hobbies, continuing education, PTO…. the list is endless.  We are a society of more, more, more.

When we pare things down, we create a simple “less- is- more” lifestyle and we free up time to enjoy our life.  After all, the best diet in the world isn’t the best diet for us if it makes us miserable. Life is short, and our quality of life is what we will remember when we are in our final hours on this earth not our ability to adhere to a complex fitness regimen.

If these less complicated, less stringent guidelines mean a happier you (that might take a little more time to get that defined 6 pack) with peace in your mind then consider making the trade to a more simple way of looking at your nutrition.

Take the challenge with me to also pare down your household items and your schedule (  Free up time and energy. Keep priorities in order and put ourselves at the top of the list.  Self-care is not being selfish.  With proper self-care, we will all thrive.

Taking the frustration out of your fitness regimen might be as easy as making simple sexy again. 


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