Meal Prep 101: Grocery List Included

In this day and age we are all extremely busy and meal prepping can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. When meal prepping is done properly, it will actually save you hours upon hours each day deciding and preparing individual meals.  You’ll have more time for your family, work projects, and running to and from to all of the appointments likely stacked up during the week.

No matter what your lifestyle or situation, regardless of if you are recovering from an injury, illness, you are working two jobs, you don’t have time to get to the gym, you will always need to eat.  You have the ability to take control of your nutrition no matter what the obstacle and trust me, if you are overwhelmed, ill, or injured, that is when you’ll want to take care of your nutrition the most.

How to get efficient planning your week 

I know I prefer 6 meals each day.  I typically have 4 oz of protein for meals 2-6 while my first meal is eggs or egg whites.  Sometimes a protein bar, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or a whey protein shake replace 2 of those meals so I will need 8 ounces of protein on days that I’m using more grab and go mini meals. 2 lbs will last me 4 days and I can cook 2 times per week and have 15 meals.  Done.

Off to the grocery store

I like to grocery shop 2 times per week for the fresh factor.  Many fruits, vegetables, and meats won’t last longer than 3- 4 days and I hate throwing food away.  I plan the two trips accordingly on Sunday and Wednesday.  I have gotten away with shopping one time per week and relying more on frozen vegetables, frozen chicken cutlets and frozen fruit for the second half of the week.

My List

Protein sources:

I choose two, one lean meat and one with a tad more fat, plus my quick protein sources

Lean (primarily protein): 





99 Percent Lean Ground Turkey



Canned Chicken 

Canned Tuna 

Nitrate Free Low Sodium Deli Meats 

Whey Protein Powder (


Fattier cuts (protein and fats): 


Top Sirloin



Ahi Tuna Steak 

93 Percent Lean Ground Turkey


Cheeses like feta, blue cheese, and cheddar or regular string cheese


These are the protein sources I gravitate toward- I get 2 lbs of each item.


Protein plus carbs:

Greek Yogurts 

Cottage Cheese 

Depending on if I have low carb days or high I will choose carb sources and fat sources accordingly for the week.



Apples (keep you full with the fiber and pectin)


Berries (low calorie) 

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in brown rice or jasmine rice 

Flavored rice cakes (carmel and chocolate) 

Sweet potato 

White potato 

Flat Out Wraps 

Lavash Flat Bread 

Low Carb Mission Tortillas 

Quick oats oatmeal 

Instant Oatmeal Packets 

Spaghetti Squash


French green beans 



Cauliflower (protein too)

Quinoa (protein too) 

Oats (fat and protein too)



Coconut oil 

Olive oil (flavored garlic and white truffle) 



Peanut butter 

Almond butter 

Flavored almonds (I love Blue Diamond flavors)




Truvia packets 

Yeri Yeri Teriyaki sauce 

Reduced sugar ketchup 

A1 sauce 

Sweet Baby Ray’s Wing Sauce 

Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts 

Sugar free jello cups

Fat Free Reddi Whip 

Diet Hansens Soda in Cherry Vanilla 

Quest bars or Kirkland protein bars (holy savings!) 

FlavorGod seasonings (online only) 

Miracle Noodles


I wanted to give you a complete list, obviously I am not purchasing all of these items each week.  After two protein sources, I’ll pick two carbs, two vegetables and two fruits.

Sunday comes along and instead of making one meal and watching it (talk about watching paint dry), I will multitask and make all of my meals in the same time as it would take me to make one meal.

(ok, ok, so Eric does the grilling ;))

The Process

On the stove: green beans

In the oven: spaghetti squash and roasted sweet potatoes

On the grill: chicken and sirloin

In the Instant pot: soft boiled eggs

The rice is instant as is the quinoa so I can make that as I go.

In 35 minutes ALL of this is done and ready for the week.

This is in exchange for cooking each night and spending 35 minutes 7 days per week.  Now, if you’ve done the math you will see meal prepping is FOR busy people- not something busy people don’t have time to do.

If you want to get fancy, you can even make overnight oats for breakfast so it’s ready to go when you wake up. Or you can make egg mini quiches and heat those up on the run as well.  (Get some great low carb recipes in my free ebook HERE) I have even made my protein shake in advance, stuck it in the freezer, and then took it to work with me.

Start simple with meal prep and multi tasking.  You’ll get better and better at this and you can level up to fancy pants recipes.

Don’t want to cook a thing? There are many meal prep delivery services out there. You can place an order of meals for the week and they will be delivered to your doorstep. #teamnoexcuses

Then don’t be shy to tote a meal management bag to the office with you.  My favorite is The Shield by Fitmark Bags pictured below.


I will tell you this truth- you will eat what you have access to.

Especially when you are hungry after a crazy long day at work and the kids are stressing you out. If you have prepared for the week, you are far less likely to dive head first into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

We all think to ourselves, “I’ll start doing these things when life slows down”, or “when I’m not so busy”.  The problem is, that day likely will never come. (Read more about that in When is the Best Time to Start a New Training and Nutrition Regimen) Life doesn’t slow down.  We need to find a way to be healthy and treat our bodies right while we are in the fast lane.

Here is the way I look at it: it was hard when I was eating crap, felt like a slug and couldn’t fit in my clothes and it also can be hard to get prepared for the week and eat healthy- pick the hard.

I would rather pick the path that also makes me feel good, sleep better, set a good example for my kids, give me confidence, and allow me to live a longer life.


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