Morning Ritual


After hearing it over and over, I finally understand the importance of a morning ritual to start my day off on the right foot.  With a morning ritual, I never “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” I talk about this and organizing your space and schedule, over and over.  The peace, reduction of stress, and clarity I have gained from integrating my morning ritual have been incredible.


The number one topic when it comes to fitness, following a sound training and nutrition program, is motivation.  How do we get motivation, how do we keep motivation, and what do we do when we think it is gone forever?

I am not a stranger to losing motivation.  Stress takes a toll, exhaustion, and when you I am done with a long day, the last thing I want to do is meal prep or head over to the gym.  So how can we get the ball rolling?

With a morning ritual, you set each day up with the right mindset.  You lay the foundation for success.  You breed your brain to push away negativity and laziness.  You start to thrive on routine and the fact that you have the power to create the life you wish to lead.  If you are reading this, you are more than halfway there because you want to change.

My morning ritual consists of waking 30 minutes before my alarm would typically signal.  I make my bed.  I do not check my email or scroll on my phone.  I wash my face, brush teeth, etc.  Walk over to the washer and put in one load of laundry (I now do one load a day, so I don’t waste the precious weekend with laundry), walk downstairs.  Coffee on, and sit down with The Five Minute Journal.  I complete my entry and unload the dishwasher.  I take my vitamins and have breakfast.  I then answer my emails.  At 7:00 am, I wake up my son and put the laundry in the dryer.

In that time, I have done a few things that set me up for success.  I have a tidy room by making my bed.  I clean the kitchen to begin the day.  The laundry is in so something is already checked off of my lengthy to-do list. I took some time to reflect with my journal.  I responded to my emails on my laptop and not on my phone.  They are complete and thoughtful, and my responses are from a place of peace and happiness.  I likely just listed these clients under my three things I am grateful for as well as my son.  I look at him with a happy and full heart even if he doesn’t want to wake up immediately and gives me a hard time.

The ritual and the journal has reset my brain.  I am wired to enjoy completing tasks and serving my loved ones. I do not harp on Eric for not doing the laundry because it piled up.  It took me a few minutes before I began my day and it is complete. The tasks seem large when ignored.  Creating a routine makes the rest of the day easier.  Things fall like dominoes.


Discipline got the routine started. Changing a routine is hard.  Resetting habits are difficult. Once my morning ritual became a habit, it motivated me to structure and organize the rest of my life for success.  Realizing that planning ahead- with my meals, my morning, my calendar- caused me less stress through the week and gave me more time was all I needed to keep going after the initial “forcing” myself.

How many times have you driven to get food last minute because you didn’t prepare for the week? Each additional trip is precious time.  How often did you spend an entire free day doing chores? I do work from home now, but if I didn’t, I could still complete my morning ritual and not let things pile up.

Consider an evening ritual as well.  I finish my day with The Five Minute Journal.  I clean up the kitchen and downstairs as much as possible.  I set out my sons clothes for school as well as my clothes if I am subbing as a nurse.  I set up my meal management bag (Fitmark) and pack what I will take with me in containers.

Assess how you are feeling

If you are feeling like you are always running around, like you are always frazzled, and you are always out of time, you need to eliminate the tasks that are not making your life easier.  Put your energy into making your day fall in place like knocking over that first domino and watching the rest go down.  The momentum will build, and you will be on your way to lasting success in all areas of your life!

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