January 2017: The Biggest “Monday” of All

The last couple weeks of 2016 are upon us.  We talked a little about holiday strategies over Thanksgiving but the true test for most of us is the month of December.  Multiple gatherings each weekend, hectic schedules and Christmas shopping, the possibility of travel during the season can all lead to opportunities to fall off the wagon.

For me, when I put pressure on myself to make every single healthy choice or decision is when I have the tendency to slip up. Then I get even more upset over the slip-up and the cycle continues.  In that cycle, there is a higher likelihood to choose a day in the future- like Monday or January 1st to start on our new goals.  With that mindset, we want to gorge on all the foods that we will definitely banish when the clock strikes midnight on our said day to begin.

What if we slowly eased into things? What if we changed the rules of the game from perfection 24/7 to extra leeway with our diet during this time?

What would that look like?

Here are a few ideas:

Bumping up your calories a bit to maintenance verse feeling defeated each week when you fall short of your fat loss goals.  (know yourself!) Then resuming fat loss after the holiday season is over.  There is no timeline on your goals!

Allowing for a little more low-quality food that you enjoy this time of year.  Add in a few extra glasses of wine and use some macros on Christmas cookies.  Create it as part of the leeway you will give yourself in December.  This could easily allow you to have one cookie and a glass of wine at a party as opposed to swearing you won’t have a single cookie and gorging on 15 at the party.

Consider alternatives to your favorite dishes to curb your cravings.  I have a whole blog here about Fit-Mas Desserts that you could use to make some of the holiday favorites.  Making something light that is delicious and bringing it with you to a Christmas party is a great way to keep your calories under control.

Choose spirits and wine without adding in extra high-calorie mixers like egg nog, margarita mix, heavy cream which are most holiday drink favorites. If you do want to indulge, keep those drinks to a minimum.

Fill up on protein before parties.  This will keep you feeling full and get you closer to your macro targets even if you decide to intuitively eat during this time.

If you have a coach, don’t be shy to work hand in hand with them to find guidelines that leave you feeling successful and not defeated. This could make the difference of staying at your current weight instead of gaining unwanted body fat and, more importantly, feeling relaxed over the season and enjoying it!

Lets set up for a successful 2017!

Health is wealth,



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