• Are you struggling with your nutrition?
  • Trying to dial in a training plan that’s effective and easy to follow?
  • Need one-on-one help, but you’re too busy for lots of appointments?
  • Looking for someone to hold you accountable?


You need a kind, knowledgeable, responsive coach. Karey’s broad range of expertise as a fitness professional, personal trainer, and nurse—along with her approachable, genuine personality give her everything you could want on your team. Available to you online from your first nutrition consultation and for calls and questions, you’ll get all the benefits of an in-person coach, plus even more accessibility.

Meet The Team

Brandi Dixon

Balance Badass

Brandi works full time, teaches classes online, and personal trains while raising her daughter. She used to put herself last- and ended up drained and depressed. Near rock bottom, Brandi mastered the skills of balance. She is ready to help you navigate the murky waters of being a modern woman. Brandi wants to help you have it all.

Bryanna Barcelo

Potential Maximizer

Bryanna is nationally qualified in bikini, a registered nurse, and has an insatiable zest for life.  She is an experienced nutrition and posing coach who is also available for in-person posing sessions in Tucson, Arizona. Bryanna will put your health first to ensure a gorgeous physique from the inside out- whether you’d decide to take the stage is up to you!

Andrea Stocek

Macro-counting Master

Andrea is a working mom with two kiddos under three. She has focused on her nutrition and fitness for the past 5 years- especially throughout both pregnancies. A proper self-care regimen and counting macros has given Andrea the energy she needs as a mom. She’s bounced back after each pregnancy and loves using training as a stress-reducer. Andrea will be launching Fit Whip with her two sisters Fall of 2018.

Derek Jansen

Find Your Fit

Derek has an Associate’s degree in Exercise and Wellness and is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University.  He is passionate about the science of training and nutrition and incorporates these principals into his training and diet. He is here to help you do the same to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Drea Holland

Fit Momma on a Mission

Drea specializes in Women’s Fitness and Sports Nutrition. She is a mom of 2 boys and a Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor. After gaining 80 pounds during her last pregnancy she became passionate about changing her life and helping others achieve their optimum level of health and fitness.

Brandi Mcleod

Contagious Positivity

Brandi has completely changed her life through her fitness journey. Juggling family life and her career, she learned the importance of balance and craved the energy that eating well and training provided. Brandi wants to guide you to your new and improved lifestyle!

A great nutrition plan is only as good as your commitment. With individual online fitness coaching by Northington Fitness and Nutrition, you get a tailored plan that will fit your needs, goals, and schedule. You also get a coach in your corner to keep you motivated and on-track.

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All Programs, 2 Months Minimum Commitments


  • 1 Month
    $209.00 /Mo
  • 3 Months (12 Weeks)
    $532.95 ($177.65/Mo 15% Discount)
  • 6 Months (24 Weeks)
    $1003.20 ($167.20/Mo 20% Discount)
  • 12 Months
    $1881.00 ($156.75/Mo 25% Discount)

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(Discounts don’t apply for multi months for bi-weekly check-ins)

  • 1 Month
    $159.00 /Mo

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  • 1 Month
    $259.00 /Mo
  • 3 Months (12 Weeks)
    $660.45 ($220.15/Mo 15% Discount)
  • 6 Months (24 Weeks)
    $1243.00 ($207.20/Mo 20% Discount)
  • 12 Months
    $2331.00 ($194.25/Mo 25% Discount)

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(Discounts don’t apply for multi months for bi-weekly check-ins)

  • 1 Month
    $209.00 /Mo

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  • 12 week min commitment then month to month pricing ($330) after 12 weeks
  • Custom Training Program
  • Supplementation Regimen
  • Nutrition program including peak week
  • Text Capability
  • 4 posing sessions; 2 ea month for month to month
  • Full stage presence recommendations as applicable: suit, hair, makeup

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For those seeking a more self-guided training option, we offer our VIP membership. As a member, the site gives you access to a monthly training plan, bonus workouts, our video exercise library, macro calculator, extra recipes, and exclusive articles. Monthly training check-ins are also included based on your membership level.

$20.00 /Mo
  • Access to Current Program
  • Video Exercise Library
  • Bonus Workouts
$30.00 /Mo
  • Access to Current Program
  • Video Exercise Library
  • Bonus Workouts
$40.00 /Mo
  • Access to Current Program
  • Video Exercise Library
  • Bonus Workouts
  • 1 x per Month Training Check In

Macro Only Coaching

We offer macro only plans for those who have counted macros in the past. This program includes weekly updates with your coach and adjustments as needed as well as cardio and supplement recommendations. Access to our library of resources is included in this program and use of our client portal.

  • Professional recommendation on your individual needs
  • Weekly email updates
  • Perfect for figuring out plateaus and progressing
$99.00 per month


Frequently Asked Questions

What is online coaching?

Online coaching is a more affordable and flexible option for those who would like the help of a personal trainer and nutritionist. It is particularly useful for people with changing schedules and limited free time and those who want an added level of accountability.

How do I complete my check ins?

We have a client portal for easy check ins on a computer or your mobile device. It will keep track of weight, measurements, progress photos, your step count, and your sleep* It will also sync food tracking applications if you are using them to quickly export your macros for each day and your food diary.

How often will I receive a new training program?

Training programs are delivered on the first of each month. If you start after the 15th, you will receive a 6 week training program that will take you through the end of the current month and the following.

How often can I connect with my coach?

ALL THE TIME! This is the beauty of virtual coaching. Send a message to your coach through the client portal any time you wish. Gone are the days of waiting until you see them in person one time per week to ask about your nutrition program.


I feel like I've mastered the skill of flexible dieting and estimating. I enjoyed foods I would prefer even if I wasn't in fat loss. I was able to practice moderation and enjoy my vacation without gaining weight like I have in the past.

Christina A

Company Name: Christina A
Designation: Scottsdale, AZ

I'm currently 130 lbs down from 153 6 months ago. My hips are down 5", my waist 4". If you have fitness goals, having a coach to support you is worth its weight in gold.

Kerri J

Company Name: Kerri J
Designation: Chandler, AZ

In the last 60 days, I lost more than 11% of my body weight. I gained great habits, energy, confidence, happiness, pride and so much more. Life changing, I swear to you.


Company Name: Danica
Designation: Chandler, AZ

Karey helped me fulfill my goal of winning my very first bikini competition! I trusted her 100% as she came highly recommended, so I never strayed from the nutrition plan she wrote for me! I took home 1st place


Company Name: Emily
Designation: Mesa, AZ

Because of Eric, I have never been healthier and love encouraging others to make their lifestyle change, not go on another diet. With Eric as your trainer, motivation and determination you can make this positive lifestyle change, too!


Company Name: Bianca
Designation: Chandler, AZ

Karey’s knowledge and experience speak volumes, but her passion and personality is quite literally the icing on the cake! Working with Karey has made me stronger, smarter and sexier!


Company Name: Kira
Designation: San Francisco, CA


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