Organize and Prioritize

2017 is the year of organization and prioritization for me. I have worked my way through our home, schedule, virtual business, studio location, and paperwork.

Organization comes in many forms. Not all organization takes place with physical items. Clearing up your schedule is essential for stress management and increasing productivity.

Things to adjust to help your day flow:

Considering limiting activities: are you trying to be on multiple committees, work full time, have a side hustle, commit to a book club, and parent? Saying no to a few things means saying yes to stress management aka your sanity.
Group activities and errands in order on particular weekdays. We make grocery runs on Sunday and Wednesday. With a list indicating the portions of each item for your meal prep, you can eliminate multiple trips to the grocery store through the week.
Set a timer to work on specific activities at home, uninterrupted. Turn off messenger on your computer, close social media applications, and silence your phone if possible to work at your highest level of productivity. You will accomplish more in less time.
Consider splitting up household tasks into mini missions. Is the laundry a mountain high at the end of the week? I put one load in each morning as soon as I wake up. By the time I leave the house to take my son to school, the laundry is complete. I never am trapped in the house for an entire Sunday.
Focus on a honing a morning and evening ritual. Wake up and head to bed on the right foot. I used to open my eyes and go immediately to my email. I would answer emails and feel frazzled before I even brushed my teeth. Now, I put the one load of laundry in, get ready, use my morning journal, get coffee, wake up my son, get him to school, and then return to my email. If I accomplish these items before it is time to wake up Nolan, I visit my email a bit ahead of schedule.
In the evening, I load the dishwasher, clean up the main living areas, complete my 5 Minute Journal entry, and set out my son’s clothes for tomorrow as well as his backpack (with a snack). Having an evening routine sets up my morning, my morning sets up my evening, etc.
I also re-framed my list of priorities. Stress and sleep management were not on my radar previously. The organization has lowered my stress and increased my productivity (and overall feeling of joy each day). I no longer wake up at 5 am to train. I prioritize sleep and fit in training at a later time. Yes, sometimes life happens, and sessions scheduled later in the day are more likely to be canceled, but this is what works best for me. I used to feel like I was barely getting by and burning the candle at both ends. Prioritizing rest has changed my energy levels for the better; therefore, increasing my NEAT (non- exercise activity thermogenesis).
I also have carved out time to practice relaxation and meditation. Five minutes each day is a great start. If you do not have five to fifteen extra minutes each day, move back to schedule organization and see what can go or what can be grouped in a more efficient way. For me, cutting my time on social media made a huge impact. I have set times I am on and off social media. On days I have more free time, I allow more social media time. When I was working full-time at the school, and full time in our business, I did not use social media often. Prioritize self- care to live your best life. A lesson that ‘s hard for most of us- women and moms especially- to put into practice.
Being consistent with your training and nutrition is important, but if you have stress levels through the roof and are pulling all- nighter after all-nighter, you are less likely to see results. Without seeing results, it is easy to lose motivation. Hydration, sleep, and stress management cannot be forgotten.
Challenge: How can you organize your schedule and prioritize self-care? Pick one thing this week to put into practice- morning ritual, evening ritual, schedule clean up, or meditation. See if your priorities need to be adjusted. You are in control of your life.
I am reading You are a Badass by Jennifer Sincero and I highly recommend it!