Organize Yourself for Success

Lately, I have been feeling all sorts of scatter- brained.  Even with my meditation and deep breathing, it seemed chaos was the underlying theme of my day to day.

I started to feel under the weather over a week ago and as I was sitting at our desk downstairs, I organized the top desk drawer.  Then the next, and the next. Soon I was making my way through the entire house.  Organizing my clothes, getting rid of the things I wasn’t using, and arranging the items I did like that were buried so deep I would have never found them otherwise.

I started matching my clothes to head to the gym.  I cut down on my time to get ready since I wasn’t scavenging through piles of makeup to find my top products. Taking this extra time simplified my routine and- let me tell you- it made me feel like we added another thousand square feet to our home. I was complaining we needed more space when what we needed was a thorough once over of the space we had.

I have no idea why this hasn’t been a regular habit for me considering I am such a proponent of prepping meals for success.  Why haven’t I been applying this to prepping my home? I felt reenergized to tackle my work, motivated to get ready for the day, and a sense of peace in my mind verse chaos- all from just organizing my space!

Tips to organize your area to make your life easier: 

  • I rolled my workout leggings so I could see each print to choose in the morning
  • I ordered some drawer inserts to arrange our endless amount of chargers and small items in the desk for easy access
  • I took items I haven’t worn in over a year to clothing exchange and walked away with a few hundred extra dollars, then I donated the rest for a write off for 2016
  • I purchased plastic stackable wine holders to put in our cabinets to hold our shaker bottles so they aren’t scattered and lid- less
  • I cleaned out the freezer and tagged where the steak and chicken is stored, fish, breakfast, and pasta (you may not have an entire shelf devoted to Italian but we do, hehe)
  • I went through makeup that I haven’t used and found the best products to keep, the ones that I wasn’t using, and compiled the MAC containers together for trade- yes, you can take the containers and trade them for new lipsticks! 3 containers= a new product. If you need help organizing your makeup, my dear friend Amanda Bland offers a full class where she will help you sort through your makeup bag as well as teach you a day look and evening look (or competition look!)

By going through each area of my home, I found duplicates of many items- unopened shampoo, new toothbrushes, cold medicine- things I forgot I purchased that I continued to buy thinking I didn’t have them at home. I was able to put them in one place which will save me the trouble of purchasing new OTC medicines and throwing these out when they expire.  The same scenario was happening in our pantry with vitamins I have purchased.  I would forget that I had a spare Vitamin C that I purchased when it was on sale and I would buy a new one! Organizing will inevitably save me not only the time involved in replacing items that don’t need to be replaced but save the cost to do so.

With an organized refrigerator, it is easy to open and grab ready to eat items if you aren’t the type to prep a ton of food that needs to be reheated.  I could see my non fat greek yogurts, low fat string cheeses, hard boiled eggs. Then I purchased some glass pyrex bowls with lids to replace some shotty tupperware and could see the roasted potatoes, steak, and chicken easily.

Take some time to organize and reap the benefits in 2017! Even if you don’t devote a week you are recovering from a sinus infection to do so and you simply use 15- 20 minutes whenever you can, you will end up saving hours and hours of time this year.  Keep things simple! In your home, with your meal prep, with your training regimen… Simplicity is key! Complicated routines are hard to continue day in and day out.

Wishing you the best 2017 has to offer and an unshakeable peace of mind.



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