What To Do If You Over-indulge

It happens to us all- forget to log something, swear up and down we knew about how much was in that restaurant meal, or temporarily just didn’t care.  (that DID taste as good as skinny feels!)  It’s the next morning, we are feeling puffy and sad, possibly even remorseful for our decisions (I knew I wasn’t strong enough to do this! Must be genetics!) and we don’t  know what to do…


I’m here to give you a step by step solution to feeling better about your over indulgence STAT.


Step 1

Wake up and do NOT weigh yourself.  Walk past the scale.  No need to send your already fragile emotional state into complete meltdown.  If you are feeling remorseful for an over-indulgence, you are not at the point where you view scale weight objectively.  With time, that is a great goal to have, but why force the issue? Plus the majority of what you will see on the scale will be water retention, glycogen stores, and undigested food.


Step 2

Get a 10 oz glass of water, maybe even with some BCAAs.  Water will help with the retention you are feeling.  When your body knows it is getting water on a regular basis, it is less likely to retain it.  (this concept relates to calories as well!) Having a glass when you wake up can set the tone for the rest of the day and help digestion continue.  Keep your water levels steady and have an 8 oz glass each hour that the day progresses.


Step 3

Shortly after waking, have a breakfast that is light.  Do not skip the meal or “punish” yourself by fasting.  Choose a light meal with protein that is low carb if you had a carb heavy evening bout.  A suggestion is omelet scramble, or an egg and a piece of light wheat toast.  A large breakfast will only have to take a spot in line in your digestive tract.


Step 4

Break a sweat- get a nice walk in, jog with your dog, take a little hike.  Release some endorphins.  Put the brakes on the pity party.  Shoot for some steady state cardio that gets things moving along plus some stretching.  You might not feel 100 percent from the extra macros and sugar, so don’t pressure yourself to have your most intense training session to date. As mentioned in Step 3 do not punish yourself for your overindulgence with added activity.


Step 5

Reflect on why the day went the way it did.  Did your boss stress you out? Was it nearing that time of the month? Did you miss meals earlier in the day? You won’t be able to prevent a mistake from ever happening again but finding some triggers can alert you to potential pitfalls in the future.  Knowing yourself is crucial.  Keep in mind even with the best efforts to pinpoint triggers this moment WILL happen again because we are all human.


Step 6

Talk nicely to yourself.  This hiccup does NOT mean you weren’t cut out to be fit.  It does not indicate you are a failure and it certainly is not to say you won’t get right back on track.  Over-indulging does mean you are human and there are about 7 billion of us so welcome to the club. Here is one instance where it should be comforting to know you aren’t that special.


If you give these steps a chance, you’ll see by the close of the next day you will feel better about your slip up and ease back into your routine.  Setbacks are bound to happen, and everyone needs a break from time to time! Use these moments as a reward for being so committed to a healthy lifestyle, rather than treating them as failures.


Besides, you can’t fail unless you quit.