Karey’s Quick Picks

After your feedback from the Free 7 Day Challenge in our FB Group (you can still participate by joining our FB Group HERE and searching for Day 1, Day 2, etc in the search bar), there were multiple requests for a list of my top quick food picks when you are in a rush.

Pantry Back Up:

Canned chicken

Packets of tuna

Minute bags of rice and quinoa


Freezer Back Up:

Frozen vegetables

Frozen fruit

Individually frozen salmon steaks


Costco Finds:

Chicken Bites

Premier Protein bars

Brown rice bowls

Seeds of Change Quinoa and Rice

Premier Protein Premade Shakes


Fast grocery run after work:

Rotisserie chicken

Bag salad with Bolthouse dressing

Microwave baked potato or sweet potato


Order your meals from ProteinHouse Gilbert; we have a discount for our contest prep clients on meal prep! I hope this helps!