Relationship Ready: Dating Prep 101

I highly recommend this workbook. I am a firm believer that health and wellness have to be addressed in all areas of life- including the relationships you have with others and the boundaries you set. Heidi is witty and real. She makes it fun to get down and dirty with your past to live in your truth.

Do you feel unfulfilled in your relationships?

Do you always go after the “wrong” partner?

Do you have trouble saying no?

Do you pretend to be someone you aren’t to be liked by others?

Words from Heidi:

As a woman in my 20s and early 30s, I never had great relationships. I could never understand what I was doing wrong, why all those intense connections suddenly fizzled. I always thought that long-term, sustainable, relationships were for other people, but not for me. The tools in Relationship Ready helped me take a look at my patterns and find the willingness to try something else. I began to prepare myself to receive love and I broke years of dating patterns! I am so passionate about this work and these tools and I am DELIGHTED to share them with you! XOXO to the maxxxx!

Here is where you can snag a copy of Relationship Ready: CLICK HERE



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