Trouble Sleeping?

“Sleep when you’re dead.”


What horrible advice… that I followed.


Everything is more difficult with lack of sleep. Your spouse can get under your skin, the kids are so much louder, problems seem impossible to solve, and you are starving even after you eat. I’ve made getting rest a priority, and although I have the best intentions, I often lay in bed restless. Below, I’ll explain ways to get on top of your sleep hygiene game and offer some suggestions for supplements that make falling asleep- and staying asleep- that much easier.


1 Turn your smartphone into night shift mode two hours before you hit the sack

Blue light from screens keeps us awake. It’s best to limit and remove this light 2 hours before bed.


2 Have an evening ritual

Nothing tells your body it’s time for bed like a routine and a consistent bedtime. I like to unwind in the evening by planning out my day, cleaning up our family room, a quiet meditation, some reading.


3 Consider white noise

If you are a light sleeper, a white noise machine will be your saving grace. This is the machine I use to mimic the noise of a fan. I even travel with it, and my anxiety about having to sleep in a different bed has completely subsided.


4 Keep your room dark and cool

The literature states the best temperature range for sleep is between 60-67 degrees. To keep the light from disrupting your rest, consider covering your windows with shutters or curtains that are marketed “blackout”. Be aware of lights from electronics in your room- cover them if necessary.


5 Supplementation

There are many natural remedies to help you get a good nights rest, and they are all wrapped up into one supplement- ORB Sleep Complex. I’ve been taking this before bed- found at your local Costco. The ingredients of GABA, 5HPT, Valerian Root, Melatonin comprise the sleep complex and its time- released formula. Taking melatonin before bed helps you fall asleep, but often times does not help those of us who have trouble staying asleep. This supplement also boasts lavender oil, chamomile, and boosts your energy with Vitamin B12. I loved saving space on my shelf with one bottle instead of the 6 I used to need.


I’d love to hear how these tips worked for you! Please comment or message me directly- especially if you tried ORB Sleep Complex. The best part of my day is responding to all of you.